2023 Schedule:

Technical Summit – December 15th

2nd Meeting – September 21st

1st Meeting – May 11th

2022 Schedule:

Technical Summit – December 16th

2nd Meeting – June 16th

1st Meeting – March 10th

2021 Schedule:

1st Meeting – December 9th

2019 Schedule:

1st Meeting – March 7th

2nd Meeting – June 6th

3rd Meeting – September 19th

4th Meeting – December 12th

2018 Schedule:

1st Meeting – March 1st

2nd Meeting – June 14th

3rd Meeting – September 27th

4th Meeting – December 6th

2017 Schedule:

1st Meeting – March 2nd
2nd Meeting – June 1st
3rd meeting – September 14th
4th meeting – December 7th

2016 Meeting Schedule:

1st Meeting – February
BONUS Meeting – March
2nd Meeting – June
3rd Meeting – August
4th Meeting – November
BONUS Meeting – December

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Fogg Filler
3455 John F Donnelly Dr Holland, MI 49424
Please park on the north side of the building and enter through the first service door (#31).
Additional parking is available on the front and south sides of the building.